Expo can stand for a lot of things. In my case, it stands for Exposure… at the ACM 2006 Expo this week.

Having attended last year’s ACM expo during the duration of my Industrial Training last week, I went down by myself today to have a look this week at this year’s expo. I saw a secondary school classmate there working at the still new KLCC Convention Centre. Pretty interesting how we can just bump into people once we start working. Anyway, the trip down was by LRT and it wasn’t really congested.

Back to ACM expo, it really is a good place to go to with all things related to Communications technology. There were huge amounts of wireless broadband providers (probably 10 or more) coming out with many initiatives, apart from competing with the mobile phone sector, and they seemed to intending to have a huge roll out by end of this year or starting of next. Continue reading Expo!

Hello world!

welcome to the first post of dotMYscope at http://sam.tehais.com/ . Be prepared for many interesting things to come. Continually check back and see what we have in store and we will show you the Malaysian Internet scene from an all new perspective.

The Internet is a fantastic tool and has really opened up so many possibilities and so be prepared to embrace it and make the best use of it. Learn to be a responsible Malaysian netizen and I will give you some tips on stuff from a Malaysian perspective. If you don’t want to listen, you can close your eyes and ears or go elsewhere. :-p
dotMYscope – is gonna give you a perspective unlike any otheR – On the dot com boom, the Malaysian IT outlook, MSC as well as latest web trends – Web 2.0 and etc. It’s all happening right here at dotMYscope.
In the meantime, do bear as I go along with this site, and transform the identity of the site and outlook of this blog to better reflect what we at tehais would like to convey. Do bear with the “hideous” standard look in the meantime :-p. Check back again and see ya.

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