pantun rhyming mood

Last weeks post is due, but is still in draft mode… i’ll try to get it up by this weekend. Meanwhile, here’s this weeks post.
Anyway,I had an inspiration reading jeffooi’s blog recently and came up with some pantun or rather rhyming paragraphs about our Internet in Malaysia & in Cyberjaya. Enjoy, and do give constructive criticisms whereever u think appropriate:

di mana broadband-ku?
Saya budak universiti di Cyberjaya,
di mana penghuni sekalian bergelora di dunia maya,
Sepatutnya jaringan network sini hebat belaka
Tapi malangnya, talian “konnexion’ Internet macam tak bermaya


Talian internet di Malaysia mahal belaka,
Kerajaan cakap nak meningkatkan penggunaan jalur lebar pun tak guna, Continue reading pantun rhyming mood

just another day in the Malaysian Internet scene

Recently, I found out that the NTV7 site seems have been to be “dumbed” down. I’m not sure why but now its just used as a placeholder/business card for them to put up their address and contact number. Sometimes I don’t understand why. After spending some money on their site, shouldn’t they at least put a bit more effort into doing something more substantial? Maybe they are cutting costs, I don’t know. Maybe they’re gearing up to revamp the site? Some corporate restructuring/rebrandinig exercise??

Whatever it is, the bottom line is that many local companies with a web site still does not have a proper web strategy. And this reflects on the overall quality of local sites. I do hope that more will be done on this aspect and that as the years pass, that the scene will improve surely as it will with the help of Malaysians who see this problem and attempt to be a part in improving it.

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