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oo, Christmas!

updated: 23/12/06 11am
Ah well, its Christmas… or almost Christmas, which coincidentally, makes this a Christmas post.

What are you guys doing for Christmas? For me, I’ll be in Cyberjaya for Christmas. This year our Christian Fellowship is not having any big events for Christmas as we did in previous years. We’ll be having a smaller scale Christmas celebration in campus during CF. Church as usual is having their service.

What about you? When I was younger I did wonder about what others did for Christmas. I found out that during Christmas, many either did not bother about it much, while some simply took the opportunity to join in the fun and just celebrate it even though they are not Christians.

The chinese speaking community, would answer that they’re not Christians and hence not celebrate Christmas. Of course there were many who were not Christians but celebrate it as well due to fun factor and also influence by the western media and the increasing commercialisation of it.

But really, what is Christmas for the Malaysian Christian community? Well, there is the customary church service for most churches. Most of them have it on Christmas eve while others have them on Christmas day. Some churches have really interesting traditions, following on from the culture and heritage of their parent church. Some are really meaningful, while others sometimes have not been adapted to suit the local culture.

Contrary to popular secular belief, which seems pretty hazy at times on Christmas celebrations, we do not for a fact endorse Christmas trees, nor santa claus and his merry gang of reindeers including red-nosed Rudolph. Neither is Christmas about Santa’s baby.We do not start drinking, bingeing and having a good ol’ merry time during the service and induce ourself to binge drinking.

Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ. To us, it is a reminder and a symbol of hope for us mankind & humanity alike. Of course, at times at different phases in our life, we get used to the celebrations at all and take in what everyone perceives about Christmas. It was a timely reminder while attending the CF in MMU Cyberjaya this week that to focus on Jesus itself and not too much of the hope as we Christians so often do. It ties in quite well with a book I’ve been reading that talks about us as a church so often focusing too much on being so easily losing perspective.

Thus with the arrival of Christmas hence marks the ending of an old year, with the ever impending of a new one. I do hope that as the new years comes, that Christians in Malaysia and around the world will continue to remember the reason for the season.

respect not tolerance

Over and over again due to recent sensitive events, its been repeated in our news where we need to practice tolerance.

What I don’t understand is, why tolerance and not respect? No doubt, toleration will take place but how long can one tolerate. I studied physics a while ago, and one knows that every material has its level of tolerance. It is one which would soon break down once it has reached past the acceptable tolerance level. How long the level of tolerance will stand also depends on the environment.

Why do we not preach respect over tolerance? Are we already accepting the fate that it is better to tolerate than respect? We are humans, given the ability to think and reason. Why respect is not being mentioned in the media over tolerance seems to be puzzling. True, it may not be so easy to respect people, but I’m not speaking about the kind of respect we accord to our parents and elders. I’m talking about respect in the sense that we understand and are aware and repect the other persons’s choice.

Are we going to tolerate this further? Or are we just respect the decision that whatever our leaders say is always right? Are we just passive people who have no choices of our own? You have to make the choice everyday, and with respect to in this aspect, I hope you will always choose respect. Otherwise, I might not be able to tolerate you…