Sometimes there is a great need for a glossary or legend page which will help you easily find out what people are talking about. Its like a little dictionary that helps to find out what certain words means in or are regularly used in a particular environment which may not be common to others.
I find this especially useful as many of us Malaysians interact with a wide array of people and come across terms that are specific to that environment and culture. Hopefully this will help non-Malaysians as well as Malaysians who are not familiar with some of these words, to be able to figure out.

Ok, updates on 2009 -> some of the below is kinda nonsense… so cancelling it….

Many of these have been made up or discovered while talking with friends, and here are some I’ve heard being used and may be more common that I think:

  • S.H.I.T. – So Happy It’s Tuesday
  • P.H.E.W. – Plain Happy Every Wednesday
  • M.P.S.S.K-kan – Mem “Per-Sia-Sui” Kan – Origin: BM + Mandarin, meaning to cause harm to the name of a certain something.

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