why is this site called sam.tehais(.com) ?

part 1.0 – why tehais?
I have noticed many people gathering round to talk, or have their meals and down it with a glass of “tehais”. Mostly ordered by young people, these people are real people out there – from all walks of life, rich or poor and those in between, and they are able to order a cup of tehais in most food eateries that they frequent whether they be mamaks, restaurants and even the new modernised franchised “coffee shops” like “Old Town White Coffee”

part 1.0.1 – why tehais.com ?
I wanted a short domain name, and  a malaysian one to reflect it as such. After thinking of a few names and bouncing off a friend, I decided on the tehais.com domain and registered it in 2005.

my current partner in crime on tehais.com is Cheah Zi Bin, a friend whom I met during my IT internship in 2005, and he blogs at zibin.tehais.com.

part 1.1 – why and what is sam.tehais
My name is Sam and sam.tehais is my blog and place in which I rant about some life experiences from (but not limited to) a cultural and technological perspectives. Here, I attempt to sort out some ideas and thoughts about being a  global Malaysian in the face of change as well as have a form of presence on the internet (and perhaps attempt to figure and work out ways to change the world).

I have another blog at dicyber which focuses more on development and technical stuff, but I don’t really update that as much… for now.

so yeah, that’s the simple lowdown on sam.tehais.com.  Let’s meet for some ‘tehais’ if you’d like to more details.

My name is Sam Ng and I come from a beautiful tropical country called Malaysia. You may or may not know where it is, but we are often known as the country above Singapore, or you may recognise Penang, our pearl of the Orient or even our lush tropical rainforest of Borneo.

Malaysia?? Malaysia is a wonderful country. Blessed with a diverse range of cultures and people, we are almost like a “little Asia” . With the three major races constituting of people who originated from the world’s current three most populous countries (excluding America),  living here is an experience unlike any other.  Similar to America, Malaysia attracts all sorts of people from the neighbouring Asian countries, as we are geographically nearer and also more similar in culture.
Why tehais? Teh ais in Malaysia is one of the most common denominator to everyone. Whether taken in the mamak, or chinese coffee shops, up till the plush hippy area of Bukit Bintang and in Starbucks, it truly is a drink that everyone takes. Although it may not be everyone’s flavour, but it is the flavour of many.

Teh ais from my point of view is a cup of localised English tea, added with ice cubes for that cooling effect. We call it teh ais as teh is the Malay word for tea, and we normally use the word  “cha” for our chinese tea. Ais is of course Malay for ice if you have not guessed it by now.

There is a huge amalgam of culture & race in Malaysia which is really interesting. Some of these cultures have been assimilated into culture over the past couple of hundred years. For example, I am of Peranakan descent, mixed together with mainland Hokkien descent. In spite of all this, I maintain my identity as a Malaysian Chinese. I can speak several languages & dialects apart from English and including the Malay (National) language. However, the dialects I speak and the languages that I converse still affect my worldview and also my stand on the socio-political scene. Often, it also gives me a different view and perception from others and causes me to be unique.
I love Malaysian food, and with that, I mean all sorts of food such as Malay food, Indian food, Mamak food, Nyonya food and of course not forgetting Chinese food. And of course, the best drink to down it with is a cup of teh ais! :-p

I am currently a student in a local private university studying Software Engineering. I hope that as I come out of Uni, I will be able to make a difference locally and if an opportunity arises – Internationally. I pray that God will continually to guide me and help me with my plans as I go along too.

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  1. I like the look of your header “sam.tehais” . it’s nice.
    And I like the feel of this blog. I shall frequent it more. 🙂

    oh,btw – I went over to your quote page – I have something like that as well, but it’s not THAT systemized, I basically threw whatever nugget I found into iquotedyou.blogspot.com. You can go see. 🙂


    p/s: Sorry I left before we got to talk, I know I said we’d go for “tehais” or something, and I had that in mind but time was too little. We can still converse through email, throw off any thought at me – I’d like that very much.

    take care!

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