insights of a startup culture from a Malaysian

It was interesting talk at one of the meetups I attended today. We had Mr. Colin Wong who was a former employee of Google who came to share a little about his background and experience there. Of course, the meetup being common interest topic among us techies related to programming, this guy was also looking to hire ppl to do some development work on this particular programming platform.

Interesting insights from his sharing which I took back was:

  • Risks needs to be taken, which may even mean getting a pay cut.
  • Sometimes, its not about listening to your gut, but your wife (LOL)
  • Sales & sales people are really, really important for a startup
  • If you like to build a company like Google, have some sort of database of projects people can input into, and get a process that reviews it within the organisation, and test it out and have an “incubation labs” stage with information, to build on something before releasing it externally
  • A weekly review of finances is definitely something good for a few things, for & at startups…
  • Sugar is important to keep people running…
  • Social networking will be still the “hot” thing
  • Corporate guys have their place in a tech company… esp once a startup is established
  • important for startups to always have 1 biz person, and 1 tech person. You can’t do without this combination of the focus for startups or you are doomed.
  • Last but not least, business is all about relationship… and managing them

Anyway, I’ll be at the 1st National Youth Entrepreneurial Convention this weekend. Hope to network and also will give some measure of “report” on it afterwards… alright, back to world domination and a cup of tehais. till then, cya later….

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