new year’s resolution

Its a new year again and its time to start making new year resolutions. Some one I know had his resolution spelt : “My new year resolution is 1024×768”. Oh well, I think I have too many tech-ish friends d… heh.

For myself, I remember making some resolutions last year of which I fulfilled several few and missed the point for some of the others. One mistake I made was that I did not put it in an obvious enough & also not easy to access places. Maybe I shouldn’t make resolutions so I do not have to keep them, but then oh well… lets see how things work out this year. If it doesn’t work out this time round, I guess its time to not have new years resolution next year and let it work itself out.

Indiana University has an interesting article on New Year’s resolutions, check it out. And while I’m not listing out my new year resolutions here on this blog, I will list some resolutions for this blog this year:

  1. Improve the layout. presentation and blog quality. Finally update the blog theme to the one I made some time back. More pictures and also better writing in terms of the content.
  2. Create a plugin
  3. Open Source some of the content and stuff I created, in this blog and beyond this blog where ever relevant.
  4. Blog in more languages on my heritage and culture

For now, I think 4 is a fair and achievable number. So as we start the new year, let’s “yam-seng” or drink teh-ais to the new year and the fresh start it brings with it!
Content from mid-2nd paragraph updated on 11th Jan 2008.

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