why I don’t blog about politics

We now interrupt the usual posting series on “A Malaysian Christmas”, with a short special on why I don’t blog about politics.

Someone was asking me about posting more controversial stuff, and I’m sensing maybe something more political related. Well its not that I’m apolitical but just thought that  hey… whats the point of blogging about political stuff? I dun mind blogging about issues, which I believe I should do more often, for sure…

Short answer on why I don’t blog on politics: its divisive. And by divisive I mean that hey, its not doing anything beneficial and well, it divides people into camps before we actually start to be able to have a proper conversation. People start getting emotional and overtly personal at times, and constructive thoughts takes the backseat.

Yes, we Malaysians are frustrated at the kind of misdemeanours happening in our backyards and other things such as the imbalance of the peoples power and the governments affecting our day to day lives and perhaps existence in this fragile country.

Politics is divisive, and I’m not suggesting all these be forgotten or even ignored, just want us to think and remember for a moment, that for us who are more connected and educated… there are things that we can do more constructively than just rant. We have abilities and acccess to things that some people do not. Sometimes, its just as much as much a mental fight as much as it is a psychological one. If we talk about changing Malaysia, but have not started with our minds, then we have already lost the battle before we even started.

What I’m suggesting here is that, we need to start to rethink some of our ideas and thoughts on Malaysia. Rediscover different perspectives to it. Not just what you see or read in the media – both mainstream and alternative (ie: internet), but go experience it for yourself.

With that said, to help us all do this, tehais.com is going to finally be re-launched. And with the site being back online, I do hope it can help us all to draw and see the change with need, one cup at a time.

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