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The Environment and You

Paper, plastic, one or two,
Don’t throw out, come renew.
When your garbage bin is full,
Stop! The Earth pays the toll.

Ozone layer’s falling apart,
Like a guy without a heart.
Earth only got hundred more years,
Until we ruin it for our peers.

Garbage can hurts to the core,
You put a bottle in it comes ask for more,
I say stop! Do none of that,
Throwing out garbage is wickety wak.

Go green!
Go green!
Go green!
Go green!

You like trees, I do too.
To save the seas, you know what to do.
You need to turn off the heat, conserve gas,
Turn down the power, pick up glass.

T. Boone Pickens, he’s our bro,
He saves Texas with his dough,
Vote for him 2-0-1-2,
Look out pollution, he’s coming for you!

Elmers: Hey yo, MC!
MC Scotch: Yeah, what up Elmers?
Elmers: Man, you hear about T Boone Pickens?
MC Scotch: Oh yeah, the guy from Texas?
Elmers: Awww… Oklahoma State, baby.
MC Scotch: Man, that wind power, that’s how he rolls.


T Boone Pickens is our bro,
Save the country wit’ his dough,
He’s gonna bring us wind power,
And superman Arab oohhs.

Boone! T Boone Pickens!
Boone! T Boone Pickens!
Boone! T Boone Pickens!
Boone! T Boone Pickens!

T Boone Pickens is da man,
I his bro and number one fan,
Oil guru, Texas brass,
OPEC nations watch yo’ *BEEP*

He’s da man, oil’s great,
But our country’s off that fate,
Swift boat, John Kerry,
Million man, you ain’t scary.

Born in Texas got the blood,
Moved up north it’s more than mud,
Picken’s Plan plus Al Gore,
Man our future’s strong and more.


back to school… its 2009

And so yesterday, throngs of Malaysian kids upgraded themselves from “kindy” level up to primary school status. What does that mean for the rest of us working people?  The “regular” traffic flow is back …. Time to brace ourselves for the jam again.(and perhaps wake up earlier)

Actually, it wasn’t too long ago since I first went to school…. hey wait. it is kinda long ago, but I digress. Back to the point about school, primary school days seems so long ago. I remember it being a time, where parents of Standard 1 kids would wait and “camp out” outside the classes for the first several weeks. For myself, Primary school was really quite an experience for me… was really a time where I experienced cross cultural shock.   I still live several minutes away, but I have hardly gone back to school since.  The last time few times I was back there, was during the election day. Looking at certain places in the school made me think back of the times and places me and my friends used to play at…

Growing up, I believe our generation were the “transition”-ers of our generation. We saw many developments as we were growing up, as opposed to many of the younger kids who have the advantage of enjoying many facilities in the school.  We lived in the era where Audio Visual equipment transitioned from Magnetic based Cassette tapes to CD ROMs to DVDs. Alot of that happened closer towards my secondary school years, and things have probably shimmered down in the aspect of (mega)developments and moved towards the political spectrum nowadays.

Gee, it makes me wonder sometimes – how will our children be growing up in the future.

Some things haven’t change much though. In the news, more people are sending kids to Chinese schools, find out some perspectives in the bottom half of the article at the Malaysian Insider : “A controversial Chinese schools reopens, with multinational feel“.